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Coaching Never Sleeps

Coaching has developed into one of the most powerful tools in a fast-changing pharmaceutical sector.

Developing new skills to engage with HCPs across multiple channels and make compelling connections is now seen as a core component of a successful, progressive organisation.

Pharma and healthcare are in transition as technological advances present opportunities to energise performance and challenges to ingrained practices. Methods of working are being recalibrated with companies investing time and energy to ensure their products and innovations reach and connect with audiences that have become more discerning and demanding.

Shifting roles and responsibilities require a new set of operational dynamics and many experts contend – in a new whitepaper Coaching Never Sleeps – that coaching is a gateway to employee engagement and retention as well as the creation of rewarding relationships with HCPs.

Field medical teams, who are being given increasing responsibility, have science and its application at their fingertips but many need committed coaching to elevate and enhance their ability to communicate effectively, sometimes in brief windows of opportunity.

Coaching Never Sleeps features insights from industry coaches and Jim Robinson, CEO of Urovant Sciences, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, who believes establishing a dedicated staff coaching programme and ethos is a fundamental element of good leadership.

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11 May, 2023