Navigating Routes to Commercial Excellence in Cell and Gene Therapy

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Navigating Routes to Commercial Excellence in Cell and Gene Therapy

'Navigating Routes to Commercial Success in Cell and Gene Therapy', authored by Franjo Hanzl, VP, Business Development, Commercial at EVERSANA, Dr. Lisa Johnson-Pratt, Strategic, Commercial Advisor at Ananias Ventures, and Siddarth Agrawal, Senior Principal, Commercial Strategy at EVERSANA, discusses the unique challenges faced by companies developing and commercialising cell and gene therapies (CGTs).

The paper highlights the significant potential of CGTs in treating previously incurable diseases and the need for a tailored approach to commercialisation, given the complexity of these therapies, high development costs, and regulatory hurdles. It provides an overview of the current market landscape and emerging trends in CGT development and commercialisation, including the importance of real-world evidence, patient engagement, and pricing and reimbursement strategies. The paper also outlines best practices for successfully navigating the commercialisation journey, including the importance of a cross-functional approach, strong data management capabilities, and proactive engagement with payers and other stakeholders.

The paper emphasises that effective commercialisation of CGTs requires a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of these therapies and a strategic approach that balances patient needs, clinical outcomes, and financial sustainability. It suggests that companies can improve their chances of success by investing in robust data and analytics capabilities, building partnerships with key stakeholders, and adopting a flexible and iterative approach to product development and commercialisation. The paper concludes by highlighting the importance of collaboration between industry, regulators, and payers to overcome the challenges of commercialising CGTs and ensure that patients can access these life-changing therapies.

18 April, 2023