2nd Lipid Nanoparticle Development Europe Summit

2nd Lipid Nanoparticle Development Europe Summit

Expedite LNP Applications for Next Generation Therapeutics beyond mRNA with Optimised Formulation, Scalability & Regulatory Compliance at Forefront of Mind

2023 sees no signs of slowing down in LNP advancements. In June, Bayer AG announced strengthening of gene therapy portfolio with LNP technology with Acuitas Therapeutics. Since Jan 2023, our Beacon database recorded 81 new RNA therapies are using LNP. While LNP-mRNA continues to dominate, drug developers are empowering clinical utility of this new delivery vehicle for next generation therapeutics such as siRNA and gRNA.

The need for improving LNP biology, engineering and characterisation has never been stronger. The 2nd Lipid Nanoparticle Development Europe Summit is returning this October with fresh, exclusive data to help you maximise this non-viral delivery system's potential. In collaboration with CPI, Pfizer, GSK, this 3-days summit will reunite 100+ senior leaders and shed light on:

  • Navigating the complex characterisation of LNPs to understand their PKPD, biodistribution and enhance your confidence to re-dose safely with maximised therapeutic window
  • Optimising formulation and particle engineering for targeted extra-hepatic delivery to your destined cells and organs
  • Employing LNPs for gene editing and RNA, DNA, gene editing and CRISPR applications, encapsulating more complex payloads including oligos
  • Elevate your scalability and GMP compliance for quality large scale development and manufacturability

The 2nd Lipid Nanoparticle Development Europe Summit is your must-attend summit in 2023. We are committed to equipping you with actionable takeaways across the end-to-end characterisation, biodistribution, formulation and scale-up to supercharge your LNP pipeline development with therapeutic promise to patients. Unite in October to get ahead of the curve and exploit LNP as the hottest delivery vehicle.

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