ASCO 2023 – Dr Lalan Wilfong

ASCO 2023 – Dr Lalan Wilfong

In the last video from ASCO 2023, we step away from the R&D side to talk about drug costs and payment models.

Representing the US Oncology Network, Dr Lalan Wilfong talks to editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock about the importance of payment reform and why the conversation belongs at an event like ASCO.

They chat a bit about which forces are driving up drug prices, especially in the oncology space, and what approaches the industry might take to address these costs, such as easing regulatory burdens on pharma, eliminating cost-amplifying middlemen, and reducing waste in the system.

Jonah and Lalan also dive into the more systemic approaches to cost reform, like value-based care and improved treatment adherence. Finally, they discuss the trade-off between costs and innovation at the heart of the Inflation Reduction Act debate and the importance of considering the standpoint of all stakeholders – including, crucially, the patient.

Watch the video below for an interesting conversation around one of the most important issues in pharma today.