The Critical Importance of Community KOLs

The Critical Importance of Community KOLs

The top global KOLs in a therapy area might offer some insight into HCP behaviour in their geographies, but to understand the national and local challenges in a target region, you’ll need community experts who hold the most influence over their ecosystems. 
What is the community expert ecosystem and why is it so different from the traditional KOL community? Community experts can engage with patients and prescribers, as well as HCPs who do not routinely get their information from academic journals and conferences. Many HCPs go to large conferences, but even more HCPs don’t – they often turn to community experts to stay abreast of developments that matter and seek guidance on management with new therapeutic innovations. 
Consider the community experts attending a major conference and then returning messages and ideas to their ecosystem. These informed experts will have a role in providing summaries and education to their peers and trainees. They will be involved with local and regional network planning and protocol development. Above all, they are focused on the patient journey and on building communities in which their patients receive the best care. 
Community experts are instrumental in accessing HCPs and patient groups. The trust they hold with community members can shift the behaviour of HCPs and patients and their preference for certain treatments. And by leveraging the insights and expertise of community experts, you can ensure that your strategies and initiatives are in-sync with the unique challenges and needs of specific regions. 
Tailoring medical affairs activities involving community experts who have the trust and respect of their local networks and integrating them into your medical plan allows for more meaningful connections with HCPs and patients, ultimately fostering an environment where the best possible care can be provided to those who need it most.

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30 June, 2023