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Every marketer and sales representative shares a common desire: to achieve more with less effort. Managing a lengthy list of leads, capturing their interest, converting them into customers, and finding ways to retain them can often feel like a journey worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Fortunately, today's marketers and sales reps have unprecedented opportunities to create personalized experiences, which happen to be one of the top desires of modern customers. According to McKinsey, more than 70% of customers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. The benefits of personalization are substantial as well, with potential reductions in customer acquisition costs by nearly 50%, revenue increases of 5% to 10%, and a boost in return on investment (ROI) ranging from 10% to 30%.

However, sales reps and marketers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences industries face a significant hurdle that hinders their ability to personalize customer experiences. Many companies in these sectors have a low level of digital maturity, as highlighted in a Salesforce report that indicates less than 50% of healthcare and life sciences organizations have undergone or are undergoing digital transformation.

Another crucial challenge for pharma, healthcare, and life sciences companies is the need for a clear vision of efficiently producing content and delivering it at a large scale. The traditional content creation process as we know it is siloed, expensive, and time-consuming, while content marketing requires too many factors to consider.

To address these challenges and make the dreams of sales reps, marketers, and customers a reality, a content experience platform emerges as a powerful solution. By exploring the benefits of content experience platforms and examining the functionality of platforms like eWizard powered by Viseven, we can uncover the transformative capabilities they offer.

What is a Content Experience Platform?

A content experience platform is software that helps companies establish an integrated ecosystem that can be fully customized according to goals and needs and where each customer receives the content they need at the right moment and via preferred channels based on data-driven insights, marketing automation, and the modular content approach.

What is Modular Content Approach?

The modular content approach is a technique used to streamline content production and delivery across multiple channels in a content experience platform with the help of modules – pre-built content blocks that allow publishers to combine existing content and reuse it without plagiarism. Each module can independently pass MLR approval, which greatly simplifies the approval process at large.

The Benefits of Content Experience Platforms for Pharma, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Content experience platforms and the modular content approach provide pharma, healthcare, and life sciences businesses with great opportunities to standardize content marketing, eliminate existing bottlenecks, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Entire Content Lifecycle Handled in One Place and at Scale

With a content experience platform, a company can perform every possible action to match content to goals of any complexity and complete them in a single place: plan, brief, create, store, test, approve, publish, manage, and distribute.

Translation Automation and Simple Localization

Companies operating in multiple geographies can use a content experience platform to expand their worldwide presence efficiently and quickly due to the functionality that instantly translates global content into various languages, while metadata and tagging management help significantly to optimize the localization process.

Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Planning

Content experience platforms allow marketers to create global and local plans and introduce omnichannel campaigns and customer journeys in detail.

Content Publishing and Delivery Automation

The possibility of integrating a content experience platform with third-party software enables companies to automate content publishing and delivery.

Accelerated MLR Review

The approval assistance and the modular content approach featured in a content experience platform accelerate medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) review pre-approval and approval.

Multivendor Workspace Control

Global and local teams from one or multiple companies or agencies can connect and work together on all the necessary activities in a single environment integrated into a content experience platform.

Reduced Time to Market and Spending

Optimization, automation, and unification of the entire content lifecycle and other core and minor processes within a content experience platform dramatically reduce time to market and spending.

Now, let's delve into the workings of the eWizard content experience platform and explore how it addresses the challenges faced by sales reps, marketers, and customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences industries.

What is eWizard?

Powered by Viseven, eWizard is a content experience platform that provides top enterprises and SMB companies in pharma and life sciences with standardized functionality and custom solutions to manage the entire content lifecycle and create personalized customer experiences.

How eWizard Helps to Create Top Notch Content and Personalized Experiences

Let's review the main functionality businesses in pharma and life sciences use to save resources, increase business value, and satisfy customers with the right, high-quality content.

Business Admin

eWizard Business Admin is a control center where an organization can connect different stakeholders to work together by managing their accounts, grouping them according to the type of activity, assigning roles, and giving permissions. Additionally, admins can add interface languages and localize the platform for stakeholders from other countries.

eWizard Business Admin

Such functionality helps executives clearly distinguish areas of responsibility among multiple teams working across various geographies, avoiding misunderstanding and increasing productivity.


With eWizard Planner, stakeholders from a multivendor environment can plan, implement, manage, and coordinate the execution of omnichannel marketing campaigns with a few powerful widgets.

eWizard planner

The Brand Strategy widget allows stakeholders to manage all the information related to brand planning, including finances, analytics, and beyond. With this widget, global brands can carry out international campaigns and strategies, and local brands can implement goals and plans for local markets to engage with local audiences.

The Journey Planning widget allows companies to create personalized journeys within marketing campaigns based on a set of necessary channels.

The Operations & Delivery widget allows marketers to brief, build, review, translate, and approve content for marketing campaigns.

Additionally, eWizard Planner supports integrations with third-party platforms and CRM systems. Thanks to the integration with Veeva Vault, pharma and life sciences brands can optimize the creation of customer journeys and streamline content delivery. Integration with Atlassian Jira helps to improve employee collaboration by task planning, data synchronization, and activity management.


Library in eWizard provides multiple stakeholders an access to all available content they can create, copy, edit, delete, share, export, download, and publish.

eWizard library

In Library, stakeholders can also use the Website Deployment feature to deploy created landing pages to the target hosting platform in a few clicks.


eWizard Editor enables companies with the functionality to create content for various marketing channels without professional knowledge in programming and design. Content creators can customize layouts using components, blocks, and placeholders, assign actions and animate components, and test content by previewing it on simulated mobile displays.

eWizard editor

Companies can also use Editor to translate content automatically with the Auto Translate tool and localize content manually by exporting it as an XLIFF or XLSX file.


eWizard NaviGate is a repository available to all the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem.

eWizard NaviGate

With NaviGate, companies can use ready-made content templates, configure metadata, manage content for channels, store and share media, organize content in portfolios and content packs, and link external materials from Veeva Vault.


eWizard Analytics shows available insights about activities of all customers.

eWizard Analytics

Stakeholders can analyze the necessary information by viewing different summarized reports depending on their role or using various filters and sorting options and export Excel and CSV files.


eWizard Pulse allows pharma and life sciences companies to engage with healthcare professionals by demonstrating e-detailers at face-to-face meetings and events. In Pulse, companies can create, edit, localize, and publish e-detailers, collect real-time feedback in the form of KPIs, and generate and export reports.

eWizard Pulse

There are two versions of Pulse available in eWizard:

  • Pulse Online for managing e-detailing activities on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Pulse Mobile for demonstrating e-detailers and viewing insights via a tablet.

The Future of Content and Personalized Experiences

Content experience platforms are the future of marketing, where multiple stakeholders will work in a unified environment to create a personal touch for each customer with their unique problems, needs, interests, and preferences.

With a content experience platform like eWizard, any company, agency, and brand in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare industries can bring real value to their target audiences by using proven data and moving away from content for the "average person."

Explore the functionality of a content experience platform with a free demo version of eWizard.

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10 July, 2023